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Griff – ‘Mirror Talk’
Music Promo

Griff – ‘Mirror Talk’

The video sees Griff performing in a series of spaces: a mattress room, among pink fabric, refracted through glass, in an infinity mirror room, and underwater as she lyrically explores the insecurities she faces as a young adult.

Director of Photography: Nathalie Pitters

Production and Technical information

Lens/Camera Information
Lens series:  Rehoused Vintage Speed Panchros
Original Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Camera: ARRI Alexa Mini
Format: Digital
Rental Companies: Panavision

Director of Photography: Nathalie Pitters
Agent: WPA

Production Information
Production: Griff – ‘Mirror Talk’
Producer: Melody Micmacher
Director: Sylvie Weber
Colourist: Marina Starke
Production Company: Stink Films

DOP Nathalie Pitters on her format, camera and lens choices:
“When the Director and I originally discussed the project, we felt that we would have loved to shoot it on 35mm film, as we wanted to capture the delicate colours of the styling and production design, and bring out the nuances of the hard and soft light we were intending to use, whilst retaining a beautiful warmth to the skin tones. Budget did not allow us to shoot on film, however I had used the Cooke Speed Panchros a few times before and knew that combined with the ARRI Alexa Mini that I could get that warmth in the skin, highlight protection, natural looking grain, beautiful colours, contrast and focus fall off that I wanted. The way these lenses work on skin never fails to impress. One of the favourite lenses in the series was the 40mm, it’s the perfect lens for a close up with context, very flattering to the face like a longer lens but not too long that the background will slip away. The characteristics of these lenses meant that my image was never digital-sharp, always felt closer to film, and this softness reminiscent of human touch was exactly what we were looking for. ”

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Griff – ‘Mirror Talk’
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